About Us

Desmond Well Drilling - Cape Cod Test BoringDesmond Well Drilling, Inc., in operation since 1979, serves Cape Cod and the Islands and Southeastern Massachusetts. The experienced crews at Desmond Well Drilling Inc. install complete domestic and small commercial water well systems and wells for irrigation, open-loop geothermal and agriculture.

“Quality workmanship is our best recommendation” is our mission and has been since the beginning.

Offering water pump and water storage tank service and replacement, Desmond Well Drilling Inc. services 2″, 4″ and 6″ wells.

We inventory submersible pumps, jet pumps and water storage tanks.

Working with engineers, our environmental division, Cape Cod Test Boring, specializes in hollow stem augering and direct push probing:

  • split spoon soil sampling
  • geotechnical borings
  • installation of monitoring/observations wells
  • recovery wells
  • decommissioning of wells

Currently we operate four drill rigs with support equipment. We operate a CME-75 mounted on a GMC 7500, a CME-45B mounted on a Ford 550 4X4 vehicle and a CME-45C mounted on a Ford 550 4X4 vehicle, all manufactured by Central Mine Equipment of Missouri. Our PowerProbe™ direct push rig is track mounted and offers many benefits for subsurface investigation. We operate with 200 feet of solid stem augers and hollow stem augers for 2″, 4″ and 6″ wells. Additional equipment includes a steam cleaner, an air compressor, a grouting machine, generators, a mini-excavator and a Ditch-Witch trenching and backhoe machine.

As members in good standing of the Massachusetts Groundwater Association, Tom and Sally Desmond have served as Officers over the past several years, including terms as President and Secretary, respectively. Michelle Borghi served a two-year term as president of the MGWA. Michelle continues to serve the MGWA on the Membership Committee. Tom Desmond was appointed to the New England Water Well Association (NEWWA) Board of Directors, the group that offers the annual NEWWA Show bringing drillers and water well professional together from across New England and New York. Additional professional memberships include National Groundwater Association (NGWA), American Ground Water Trust (AGWT), Water Systems Council (WSC) and Cape Cod Landscape Association. As actively involved members, the team at Desmond Well Drilling, Inc. maintains knowledge of all of the issues facing the drillers and consumers of well water. Desmond Well Drilling works to protect you as a consumer.

Desmond Well Drilling Inc. is licensed, OSHA certified, and insured:

  • Well Driller License #299
  • Well Driller License #764
  • Well Driller License #877
  • Well Rig Permit #023
  • Well Rig Permit #024
  • Well Rig Permit #025
  • Well Rig Permit #0551