CAPE COD TEST BORING: Use an experienced Cape Cod well drilling company for your geotechnical and environmental drilling needs.

Cape Cod Test Boring, a division of Desmond Well Drilling, Inc., boasts four drill rigs including three truck mounted CME auger rigs and one track mounted PowerProbe™ direct push machine with hollow stem auger capability to meet your environmental drilling needs: monitoring well installation, split spoon soil sampling, standard penetration testing, 21E projects, percolation testing and more.

Are you concerned about running sands? Desmond Well Drilling, Inc. has been drilling on Cape Cod since 1979 and only drills in unconsolidated materials. Our driller’s have experience in successfully managing drilling and split spoon soil sampling in Cape Cod’s unique drilling environment. With three truck mounted hollow stem auger drill rigs and one direct push track machine, Desmond Well Drilling, Inc. is prepared to meet your environmental drilling needs.

All four drill rigs feature an automatic hammer for standard penetration testing. Both CME45 rigs are mounted on a Ford 550 is equipped with four wheel drive for access to your smaller, tougher job sites. The CME75 mounted on a GMC 7500 can meet your larger needs. Desmond Well Drilling, Inc. operates with 200 feet of solid stem augers and hollow stem augers for all sizes of monitoring wells. Additional equipment includes a steam cleaner, an air compressor, a grouting machine, generators, a Ditch-Witch trenching and backhoe machine and a mini-excavator.

The PowerProbe™ 9500 VTR serves as an excellent complement to the existing drilling equipment. The track-mounted machine is able to get into tight job locations with a total width of 6 feet and low overhead clearance requirements. The direct-push technology translates into virtually no cuttings on-site. This machine features dual tube tooling for soil sampling and continuous soil coring tooling in 1-1/8” x 4’ plastic liners. Small diameter monitoring/observation wells can be installed in the test boring. Solid auger and hollow stem auger capability are also available with this PowerProbe™ 9500 VTR. The PowerProbe™ 9500 VTR is also equipped to meet you standard penetration testing needs.

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