Residential and Small Commercial Well Water Systems

Choosing your well water system

Desmond Well Drilling, Inc. offers a full product line of all major brands of pumps and tanks to meet your well water system needs: service and installation of your domestic well water, irrigation well, open-loop geothermal wells, service, repairs and filtration.

The latest technology is always available and we are happy to provide you with a variety of systems types, including traditional pump and tank systems operating with a pressure switch, constant pressure systems and pump start relay systems for irrigation to meet your needs and price level.

What Your New Well Water System Will Look Like

At Desmond Well Drilling, Inc., we are sensitive that you have many factors to consider when purchasing a new water well system: Will the well service the household and irrigation system? How much water do I need? What type of pump and water storage tank suit my needs best? What are the benefits of having a well instead of town water? At Desmond Well Drilling, we are ready to guide you through this process.

1. An important part of choosing the right well is determining how much water your system will require. This information assists in determining the length of the well screen and the pump and tank sizes. The well depth can be estimated, though the actual well depth is determined based on actual subsurface soil conditions.

2. Selecting the type of pump will affect the cost of the well system. You can choose either the composite pump or stainless steel pump. Most pumps come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty to replace the pump in the event of its failure. Additionally, you can select a traditional pump system or a constant pressure pump system, which is newer technology.

3. There are two water storage tank options: steel or fiberglass. The water requirement determines the size of the tank. The tank selection must complement the pump size. Water storage tanks generally come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

4. Wells servicing only the irrigation system can be installed with or without a water storage tank. If you require any hand watering or if your underground irrigation system is unbalanced – that is, the zones have different water requirements (GPM) – then a water tank or constant pressure pump and tank system will be necessary. The constant pressure water pump and tank system is a good option for an unbalanced irrigation system. Desmond Well Drilling, Inc. will gladly work with you and your irrigation specialist to optimize your irrigation well system.

How Is The Well Water System Constructed?

Wells have come a long way since the days of 2″ steel wells with the water storage tank and jet pump in a pit or in the basement. Wells are now constructed of 4″ SCH40 PVC with a well screen at the bottom. We recommend using a stainless steel well screen for increased durability, but a PVC well screen is also available for certain uses. The pump is set near the bottom of the well and pumps the water up the well. The water storage tank can be installed in the basement or heated garage for year round use or outside for seasonal irrigation use.

How Long Will The Water Well Last?

In most cases, once the 4″ PVC well is installed, the well itself does not stop working. In some cases the well needs to be redeveloped. Water pumps and water storage tanks should be considered an appliance and, like your other household appliances, can be expected to last 8 to 12 years, but frequently last even longer. Warranties are included for the water pumps and tanks. Please inquire for more information. There is a one year warranty for our work.

What Is the Quality of Well Water?

Well water comes straight from the water table under your property. The water quality is different for every well, so we test the water quality for every well we drill. Filters and neutralizer systems are available when necessary.

How Do I Proceed To Get a  Water Well of My Own?

Once you’ve decided how you are going to use your well, someone will visit your property to determine the estimated depth of the well and your water requirements. Other factors, including well location and truck access to the site, are also considered. With this information, an estimate can be provided to you.

Upon choosing to go forward, we will apply for a well permit as required by the local Board of Health; some towns do not require well permits. A certified, engineered site plan may be necessary. A well location must be selected and may need to be marked by the engineer, depending upon the project. Once the town issues the well permit and Dig Safe has visited the property, we will proceed to drill the well and sample the water. When the water results are returned with acceptable results, the water well system will be completed and the pump, tank and water lines will be installed. An electrician may be necessary, depending on the project.

Constant Pressure Pump System

The newest technology in water pumps is the constant pressure pump system.

1. The submersible pump motor runs at the proper speed to meet your water requirements. For example, if the shower is being used and a toilet is flushed, there is little to no fluctuation in water pressure. The pump senses the increased demand for water and works harder to meet that need.

2. The steel water storage tank is about 12.5″ by 19″ and can be mounted on the wall in the garage, in the utility room or in the basement. This is ideal for customers with increased or special water use requirements or with limited space.  In ground installation are available, but are not the preferred installation.

Open-Loop Geothermal Systems

Desmond Well Drilling, Inc. drills and installs wells for open-loop geothermal systems. Our experience ranges from small residential systems with one supply well and one discharge well to commercial applications with multiple supply and discharge wells.

Given the unique subsurface conditions on Cape Cod and the Islands, open-loop systems are a more economical solution to geothermal heating and cooling systems than closed loop systems.

Desmond Well Drilling, Inc. works with the geothermal system installers and engineers to select the best suited system for supplying water to your geothermal system so that you can heat and cool your home in a very environmentally friendly way.

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